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Aunts – Uncle DNA Testing

This test is also known as an avuncular test and can be particularly useful when it is not possible to obtain the sample of an alleged father for a paternity test. The aunt-uncle DNA test will therefore compare the DNA of a sibling of the alleged father to that of the child and confirm or otherwise the probability that they are related.

As per all other relationship DNA tests we offer, we strongly recommend that the sample of the Mother (if available) is also included in the test as this will help to strengthen the final results. Since the mother provides half the DNA of the child, this will help reduce the area of comparison and hence provide stronger results.

In the case of a male child and the availability of an uncle, then a Y chromosome test is normally recommended. When contacting easyDNA with your case it is important to confirm the sexes of the parties being tested.

We strongly suggest including the sample of a known parent to provide stronger results.

Avuncular testing is priced from PHP15,500 for one aunt or uncle and one child. Results are available in under 10 working days from the receipt of the samples at the laboratory. We do not offer an express testing option on this type of test.