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DNA Profile Testing

The DNA profile of every individual is unique and therefore provides a unique way of identifying an individual. In addition, by comparing the profiles between individuals it is also possible determine whether a biological relationship exists or not.

Through this test, EasyDNA Philippines offers you the opportunity to obtain your own personal and unique DNA profile. All testing is based on 21 different genetic markers to provide greater accuracy. All DNA testing is performed by an internationally accredited DNA testing lab to guarantee the quality of the profile. Once you order the test and send the samples back to us you will receive your results in less than 10 business days (or see express service option for faster results).

Different options for DNA profile testing

At EasyDNA Philippines, we offer a number of different options when choosing your DNA profile depending on why you require your profile. There are a lot of different uses for a DNA profile including attaching to a will to protect your inheritance against fraudulent claims or as an insurance should future identification of yourself be required for example in the case of kidnapping.

EasyDNA offers the following type of testing options:

Informative/personal purposes         

Once you order this test we will send you our dna collectinon kit to collect your own DNA Sample and send it back to the laboratory for analysis. The DNA profile will then be issued and the document can be used for informative purposes but has no legal validity. The cost of a profile for informative purposes is PHP12,800 for one person.

Legal official purposes   

A DNA Profile required for Legal or Official purposes, such as to be attached to a will or else to be used for current or future identification of an individual, requires proper Chain-of-Custody procedures to be followed.  In this case a special kit will be sent to the client, and sampling will have to be done by a qualified GP or official who will be responsible for verifying and handling the samples.

Once the sample is processed, EasyDNA Philippines will issue a notarized copy of the DNA profile which can be stored in a secure location or deposited with your legal advisor. The cost of the profile for legal purposes is PHP19,800 for one person.

DNA profile for comparison & verification purposes

EasyDNA Philippines also offers the service whereby it can compare a DNA profile from the sample submitted by the client to DNA profiles produced by another company (e.g. in a paternity test). This can be done to verify whether the profiles submitted for the paternity test were of the correct persons.

Apart from the samples, the client will be required to send a copy of the paternity result. It is preferable to send a copy in advance to determine whether the analysis has been performed on similar loci used by EasyDNA.

Once the testing is completed you will be sent a report detailing all your unique 21 genetic markers profiled. You can view a list of these markers when you visit our sample DNA test results page.

For information on our DNA profiling services or other DNA paternity testing services, contact us at info@easydna.ph. We will be glad to discuss your case.