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SkinCareDNA Test

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A Skin DNA test is the ultimate in the preventive treatment and care for your skin, enabling better control of the ageing process by looking at your unique, genetic makeup. The SkinCareDNA test we offer is the most recent and innovative DNA test available and should form the basis of your skin treatment and care – because not everyone’s skin is the same.

'Karmagenes’ Personality DNA Test

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Unlocking the secrets behind what makes you unique starts with a simple saliva DNA sample! Do you like to play it safe or are you more of a risk taker? Are you a Planner or are you more Spontaneous? Learn about how your genetics affects your behaviours from stress management to Sociability. Karmagenes knows you better than you know yourself!

DNA Diet and Healthy Weight Test

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Dreading the scales? Tired of dieting and getting nowhere? The DNA Diet and Health Weight Test can help you understand why you can’t keep off those extra pounds, providing you the personalised nutrition and fitness recommendations you need to get your weight to budge – and keep it off. Using this DNA test for your weight management can help you lose more weight! Contact us today.

Wellness and Lifestyle DNA Test

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Discover more about how your genetics affect your overall lifestyle with EasyDNA’s wellness and lifestyle DNA test. Your genetics can change your health and wellbeing!

DNA Fitness Test

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What is your true potential as a sportsman? To what extent can you push yourself and where is your limit? Our DNA fitness test could be the answer to these questions and many more. Our test will establish whether your have the right genes and highlight your genetic potential in sports and physical activity.