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Paternal Lineage YSTR Test

A Paternal Lineage origin tests test is a great way to discover your ancient ancestry on your father’s side of the family. The science behind this kind of test is based on the fact that sons will inherit their Y chromosome from their father in a relatively unchanged state. Therefore the genetic profile of the Y chromosome found in the father is likely to be identical to that of his sons, setting up a process of genetic transmission whereby the same DNA profile will be transmitted for thousands of generations.


This test uses a method of which we call short tandem repeat analysis. we basically look  for repeated sequences or units on your DNA. Your Y chromosome will be compared to established groups of people with similar genetic profile, called haplogogroups. The paternal lineage test will establish which haplogroup you belong to.

To see a list of possible paternal haplogroups, and their descriptions, please visit our Y-DNA haplogroup page.

paternal lineage test map

If you are female and you want to find out about your paternal ancestry, you can ask your brother, father, or other relative along the same paternal line to take the test.


paternal lineage test tree

Order your paternal lineage Ystr test today for only PHP15,000. Results will be available via email within 4 weeks from the receipt of the samples at the laboratory.lease visit our Y-DNA haplogroup page.

What do you get when you order a Paternal Lineage Test?


  • Your haplogroup designation and a haplogroup description page;
  • A personalised map depicting your ancestors’ journey and where they initially settled in the ancient world;
  • Your Y-STR profile (raw data);
  • Facts about your haplogroup, including which parts of the world you can find your “genetic cousins” and famous people who share the same haplogroup as you do.

There are a total of 19 major Y-DNA haplogroups. View the list of paternal haplogroups  and understand more about the characteristics of each.

Can females too discover their paternal ancestry?

She can, through a male blood relative, for example an uncle who can take the test on her behalf, Y chromosomes are only present in males. Paternal lineage testing requires an analysis of certain regions on the Y chromosome where information about our paternal ancestry is encoded.

How is the test carried out?

This test uses a method of DNA analysis which we call short tandem repeat analysis. We basically look for repeated sequences or units on your DNA. People with different ancestries will have different repeats on their DNA. STR testing is in fact often used in forensic investigations and of course, for ancestry DNA testing.

From your end, you do not really have to think too much about the complexities of DNA analysis. All you need to do is collect a DNA sample using our home kit. Return the sample back to us and we will do the rest.

View a full-color copy of the paternal lineage certificate by clicking here.

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