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DNA Sample Collection Guide Using the DNA Home Test Kit

Once you confirm your order, a DNA test kit will be immediately sent to you and should be received within 2 to 3 business days.

To see just how simple the process is using our DNA test kit, we recommend that you review the visual instructions below. The whole process is to be repeated for every person to be tested.

NB: Kindly ensure that the following basic precautions be rigorously adhered to. Failure to do so may result in failed samples and inconclusive DNA test results.

  • Do not eat or drink anything for one hour prior to testing. Particles or chemicals found in ingested food or drink may render extraction of the DNA in the sample impossible or degrade the DNA.
  • Do not smoke for one hour prior to testing.

NOTE: In the case of legal testing, easyDNA will need to organize the sampling procedure and provide you with further information and guidelines.

How are DNA samples collected?

Our DNA test kit contains oral swabs (also called “buccal swabs”). Learn how to collect your samples or read the more detailed step by step instructions below.

Step 1

Remove the oral swabs from the colour coded envelopes. Remember each colour corresponds to one of the test participants as mentioned earlier on this page.

Step 2

Once you have removed the swabs, the coloured envelopes need to be filled in with some basic information. You also need to fill out the consent form you find inside the kit.

Step 3

With clean hands, rub the swabs for ten seconds inside the mouth and under the tongue. There is no need to exert more than a light pressure. The procedure is entirely painless, even on babies. Remember to use 4 swabs per person.

Step 4

Allow the swabs to dry for an hour. Tip: You can place them upright in a clean glass. Once they are dry you can return them to their corresponding coloured envelopes. Make sure that at no time do swabs from different people come into contact with one another.

Step 5

Once you have completed all previous steps, place the color coded envelopes and the consent form into the larger pre-addressed envelope. You can now simply affix a stamp and send your samples off for analysis.


To allow your swabs to dry place them cotton-end up in a clean empty glass. Put the glass in a safe, clean area, allowing the swabs time to dry. Always ensure that you do not mix up or contaminate the swabs, keep swabs from different participants in a separate glass.

Sample collection can be performed at any age including newborn babies.

Sample collection is easy! How do I obtain my DNA kit?

We suggest that you visit our our frequently asked questions page for more information about our DNA testing process and DNA paternity testing.

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