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X-Chromosome Testing

Each female has two X Chromosomes, one that was inherited from the mother and the other that was inherited from the father.

When can you use an X-chromosome test?

Females have 1 XX chromosome pair in every cell. One of the chromosomes in each pair is inherited from the mother and the other inherited from the father.

  • In a case where two females think they have the same father but are certain they have different mothers, then through this test, if their X chromosome patterns match, it means that they do in fact share the same father.
  • In cases where two females share the same mother they can still participate in X chromosome testing but only if the mother’s sample is available for testing. This way we can see the X pattern that was inherited or passed on from the mother and then compare the second X pattern that would have been passed on from the father.

Real client testimonial:

The service was impeccable! I had an X chromosome test with a potential half sister, the test results came back over a week before they were due. The customer service is great too. I have used this company twice. Friends and family have too, we all share the same positive experience. Great company!” UK, 11th October 2016.

How do I order an X-chromosome test?

At EasyDNA we offer a full range of X-chromosome testing starting at only PHP24,700.


  • First, go to our Order DNA Test page. There you will find a variety of options depending on the number of females being tested.
  • Second, order and pay for the appropriate test and wait for your DNA test kit, which you can complete in the comfort and privacy of your own home.
  • Third, using our easy-to-use instructions, collect the DNA samples and return them to us at your convenience.

Once the DNA samples are returned to us, you will receive your fully comprehensive DNA analysis report in 15 working days. For detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to use your DNA testing kit please visit our sample collection guide

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